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How to Use this directory: This directory has been compiled through thousands of hours of research. It will include a great many companies that you may have never heard of but because of the loss of tremendous amounts of information, it has literally been compiled in reverse.

What does this mean? Basically, it means that you have to be aware of the dates and how they are presented. For example, if we found the exact date or documentation that a company was formed or closed, that information is presented as such and an exact date will be presented. When we did NOT find that documentation, it will have a general date as we built the time frame from dated documentation of activities of that company.

This may mean that the company was formed earlier or closed later but we did not find legal documentation aand we expanded the date by activity that we did find. So please make note of how the dates on each company is presented.

Silent Studio DirectorySilent Studio Directory 

  Presenting over 2000 silent era production and  distribution companies from around the world with  dates, principles and HUNDREDS of studio logos and  tags - 358 pages with 667 illustrations.

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